Instagram: Your account has been disabled for violating our Terms

This topic. Endless theories in all kinds of forums and discussion groups and each day, more and more people pop up, which ask the same question repeatedly.

"Help, Help I'm banned. Lost all of my revenue" - Instagram Influencer in 2020
"My client just got his Instagram Account disabled" - Internet Marketer in 2020

Let us get some structure into this vast topic. Because we are sure you ask yourself:

How can I get my Instagram back after being disabled?

Get started on recovering your disabled Instagram account

  • Get in your Desktop Computer (Yes, that is correct. Ditch your Smartphone this time).
  • Switch off any plugins, Proxies and VPNs. Utilize your home internet IP address.
  • If you use your E-Mail domain or hosting, ensure your SPF records are correctly set.
  • Set your accepted-language configuration on your browser to "en-US". (Check the guide below on how to find out how )

Myths about Instagram Account Unbanning

  • No one can magically unban or recover your disabled Instagram account, most individuals who have these powers (high-value ad agencies), probably will not bother with. Do not get tricked into buying such a service.
  • Instagram does not really keep track of your Browser-fingerprint and IP when sending unban requests even if you send in 1000 requests every day (yes, we did this before.).
  • In case you got banned, you violated the Instagram Terms of Service. Deal with it. Do not be "I didn't do anything"-Guy. Please.
  • Sending in a picture of yourself several times will not be an issue. Keep taking that selfie.You can send Instagram requests even from an E-Mail that is different from the linked E-Mail of an Instagram account.

Reasons why your Instagram account might got disabled

Instagram doesn't share the exact reason why they disable an account, but rather point out that it violated their Terms of Use or Terms of Service (ToS), these include things like:

  • Using automation software such as Jarvee, MassPlanner, IGLikers, Instazood
  • Buying Likes and Followers
  • Spamming via Posts or Direct Messages
  • Posting Sexual or Inappropriate Content
  • Promoting an Instagram Growth Service
  • Selling or Buying accounts
  • Scraping Instagram for User Data
  • Posting copyrighted content

So you won't get a message like:

Instagram account has been disabled for using Jarvee

but rather to have to think for yourself, which of the above could be the case.

The process of recovering a disabled account

Pretty straightforward: Proceed to the official Instagram Help Center. If the direct link does not work for you, you can go the Instagram Help Center and search for their article called 'My Instagram account has been deactivated'

Instagram Form for disabled accounts
Instagram appeal form for disabled accounts
  1. You are a private individual. Choose this consistently.
  2. The name doesn't make a difference. Pick whatever you want, but remember it as you will need it later for your selfie.
  3. You Instagram Username without the @
  4. Your optimized E-Mail (See below for more details on that)
  5. Always pick the United States

Once you complete their form, you will obtain an E-Mail pretty quickly (around 15 minutes with Gmail), depending on how busy their Mail servers currently are. Do not even bother typing anything as a reply, simply attach the mandatory selfie picture, as instructed via the E-Mail.

How to take a selfie to get your Instagram reactivated

  • Include both hands in the picture
  • Hold a white, A4 sheet of paper (other sizes work too, as long as they are big enough)
  • Your face must be clearly visible
  • The writing on the sheet should be clear
  • The picture should be of good quality (No potato-cam allowed)

On the sheet you should include the following information:

  • Verification Code sent by Instagram via Mail
  • Full Name as submitted in the Instagram Reactivation form earlier
  • The Username (including the @) you wish to reactivate

Should they reject you, you can try writing a reply with a made-up reason why they should lift your ban (sometimes it helps), but do not await an answer.

The secret on how to get your Instagram account reactivated!

Ok here is the secret:

Keep. Sending. Unban. Requests. Until. You. Get. Unbanned. No. Matter. How. Often. You. Will. Do. It. Or. How. Long. It. Takes.

In case you cannot commit to the above secret, don't even bother starting the process. Sometimes your Instagram will be restored on the first appeal, occasionally on the fifth appeal or it even takes months. If you are unable to keep committed for such a long period of time but still want to see your Instagram account recovered, we have a solution of you at the end of this post.

You may notice that you are not going to receive an E-Mail for the second unban request to the same E-Mail address. Instagram treats the Email address as if it would be an user account. They process your appeal, and their choice, towards this E-Mail/user, is final. Occasionally you can re-send another appeal after a week or two, but since we want to have results fast, we going to utilize a sneaky trick. Get your notebooks ready!

Use GMails (Google Mail) unique function to speed up Instagram Account recovery

Not all of us know this - But, a GMail address is the same with or without dots! For example, the following E-Mail aliases will all land in the same inbox:

You want to respond with the same E-Mail that you received the E-Mail by Facebook on. So for every unban request you need to modify your Google Mail preferences. Go in your Google Mail Settings

Click on"Add another E-Mail address".

Fill in the excess E-Mail of your selection. In this case we settled on ""
Make sure you also make use of the "different 'reply-to' address" feature.

With that done, the next time you need to respond to a unban request, you just have to choose the right reply-with address in the drop-down menu.

Did it work for you? Did you get your account back? If you have questions or comments, just leave them below 🤩

Extra Tips

Change 'Accepted Language' in Firefox:

  • Go to the URL "about:config"Look for intl.accept_languages
  • Alter it to one of these: en-US, en-GB, en

For Chrome we can recommends the following extension:
Advanced Page Language Switcher

No Success? We can help you to recover your Instagram Accounts successfully!

If you are in a rush or want to recover a lot of disabled accounts, you can take a look at our fully automatic Instagram Unban and Recovery service. It requires zero user interaction while still taking care of all the steps in a best-practice manner! It can scaled easily from one to over a thousands account at once.