Instagram did it again - for the second (or third, depending on how you look at it) time in 2020, they broke the Appeal system.

Users all around the world (we included 😒) are facing the same issue currently when trying to appeal their disabled or banned Instagram account(s):

The short link you provided does not belong to a user. Please provide a valid User.
The short link you provided does not belong to a user. Please provide a valid User.

Instagram tells us our Username is either:

  • Not disabled
  • Spelled incorrectly
  • Deleted

We can rule out option number one (as that's why we're trying to fill out the form in the first place). We also most likely know how to spell the Account name, which would leave option number three. While Instagram tested deleting disabled accounts after 30 days back in May, it hasn't been rolled out to the public yet.

Q: So, what is the issue then?
A: As usual, Instagram messed up the appeal form.

Q: When will it be normal again?
A: Only time will tell. The last time, the form was unavailable for a week.

If you are an active customer of Recap, don't worry.
We have paused all daily charges for accounts and subscriptions so you won't lose any money or subscription days 🎉

We will provide an update once the situation has is resolved.

Update 1


Some Accounts seem to be able to not throw errors anymore, while a majority still do.
We are still closely monitoring the situation and will inform customers once things are back to normal.

So far only 1/3 of all tested accounts can be appealed currently, so Instagram is still rolling out changes.

Update 2


Instagram is back to fully-working 🎉🤗

For our customers that means:
We have started appealing the accounts that were stuck in the queue for seven days.
We also added three days of subscriptions to every customer that had an active one to that time and refunded any account charges that might have been billed during that period, in addition to increasing your balance by another 3$ 🎉

As a consequence of resuming our operation, we started billing accounts as usual again.